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We know that a criminal conviction can be life-changing so we proactively defend our clients, focusing our efforts on their stated goals and needs. Whether you are facing a serious criminal charge, need your record expunged, or have a traffic ticket, at Lewis & Wilton, we handle each situation with the knowledge and attention such matters deserve. We strive to attain the results that each client needs, knowing that every case can have implications on a client’s family, employment, and future.


A good criminal defense attorney must be sensitive to the fact that people charged with a crime face an overwhelming process that is unfamiliar to them. Not only is it important to hire an aggressive advocate to represent you, but it is also essential that the attorney you hire understand exactly what is at stake. If you are convicted of a crime, you face losing your freedom, your job, your reputation, and possibly your family – you need a firm that will help protect you from those losses. Know your options and your rights.


The cornerstone of our success is the quality relationship that our firm maintains with clients. Our clients are treated with integrity and respect for their needs, goals and objectives. We focus on intelligent, aggressive and ethical legal representation and we pledge to listen to you and to protect your rights. We also use the latest technology and cost-effective methods to provide services in a professional and courteous atmosphere.

Focusing on Criminal Law in the following areas:
  •  Driving While Intoxicated / Driving Under the Influence

  •  Administrative License Revocation 

  •  Public Intoxication

  •  Minor in Possession/ Consumption

  •  Assault, including Family Violence Assault and Aggravated Assault

  •  Violation of Protective Order 

  •  Possession of Marijuana 

  •  Other Drug Offenses

  •  Theft and other Financial Crimes

  •  Burglary 

  •  Weapons Charges

  •  Sex Crimes

  •  Murder and Manslaughter

  •  White Collar Crimes

  •  All other Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

  •  Federal Crimes

  •  Bond Issues including Reinstatement and Bond Reductions

  •  Probation Violations

  •  Expunction/Non-disclosure of Criminal Records

  •  Occupational Driver’s Licenses License Suspension Hearings

  •  Traffic Tickets (including CDL licenses)

  •  NTTA Toll Violations


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